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Join now and you will be able to call yourself a Texan.

Are you wondering how to become a Texan? maybe you are looking for an unusual, cool or unique gift? Well , you have found the perfect gift for anyone who loves Texas.

Becoming a Texan is now in the reach of anyone, by joining the Official, unofficial Honorary Republic of Texas registery, you will become a part of Texas, and Texan culture. This is the next best thing to getting an honorary Texas citizenship from Governor Rick Perry himself. The best part is you do not have to save a kitten from a burning house, take a bullet for Jerry Jones or even hand out a Walker Texas Ranger style butt-kickin’ to an unruly Pittsburg Steelers fan at a Dallas Cowboys game.

Right about now I’ll bet you’re asking yourself; what do I have to do become an Honorary Republic of Texas Citizen? That’s simple, no more wondering how to become a Texan. Click on that button at the top of the page that says “Join Now” or if you’re like me and kinda lazy, click here and we will take ya there now. Once you land on that page you will get all the details.

You are one click away from being a part of Texan culture. Now man up, or lady up and click the Join Now tab…Or for those lazy folks, click here.

How much is it?
9.95 and shipping & handling is FREE(cheap at twice the price!).
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